A prayer to lose weight

by Adriana Fezza (Trenton NJ, 08629)

Dear Lord,

I know it’s hard to slim down, but I know there is nothing so hard that you can not help me with. I pray that every day I put food in my mouth it will only be the right amount. I want you to give me the strength to never mention how much I weigh to anyone. I know this will only get me to eat even more. I know that you want me to be molded in your likeness, so help me to be active and respect my body. I want to represent your pureness and love of what you created every where that I go. Please let my light shine and be the example of light not of darkness. As I grow to be active and prepare to be a holy pure vessel of Your greatness, let only positive words flow out of mouth.If I can show You Jesus of these beautiful qualities, I would feel more complete in my walk with you. So Lord, let every thought of purity and word that You have provided be the source of strength that I need. Give me the portion of food that my body needs, but let me be filled with your heavenly satisfaction. Let every day meet my goal weight and let me thank you each day no matter how much I weigh of what I look like. May I love what you created, and let me always respect Your word as much as myself. I praise you Lord and I trust that these days trying to be the best I can for You be fulfilled.