A prayer to icrease sales for larissa

by Misty (Watsonville @Santacruz Ca)

Dear Mary, me and my kids our struggling to get caught up on our bills so we can get out of the hole we are stuck in me in my daughter made fundraising to help us to get catch up untill I find a job I’ve turned in five applications but still haven’t found any luck so can you please bless us with money by increasing are baking sales so we can get things paid off in we can get out of the hole in breath again and please bless me with a job I enjoy going to every day. Also I’m very sad in wish for happiness in our life but I’m unable to ever find it I’ve just been curse with bad luck day in and day out for years in it makes me not wanting to live some times I also keep meet ing horrible people that I don’t deserve so I beg of u please send Somme good in my life that can teach me to do what’s right and please help us get out of Watsonville in move fast to salinas so we can have a fresh start for the new year thank you and amen .

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