A Prayer to Help me Find a Job

Dear God,

The decisions that I have made in the past are relentlessly following me. I have humbled myself before you continuously in asking forgiveness for my sins. My search for employment over the past year has left me weary and discouraged and it’s almost as if every failed attempt is a punishment. I am the sole supporter of my daughter and grandson and has done everything in my power to provide them with their neccessities but I am now in a position where I can’t do it anymore. My heart is overcome with grief because I feel as though I’ve failed them. My request is simple… please help me to find employment soon. Don’t allow the mistakes I’ve made in the past to be the cause of me not providing a brighter future fo my family. I”m not looking for a hand-out I am more than ready and willing to give my all in earning any rewards I recieve and please, until them strengthen me so that my suffering doesn’t break my family’s spirits.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    God answers prayers

    And this is how he did mine and my family’s. Firstly, my cousin, who was a single mom of 2 (with no child support, and who was watching small children for a bit of extra cash, but not nearly enough to make ends meet, signed up for this program…Visalus, of which I was skeptical. She told me she used the last of her savings to do this. She signed up in late May of this year. But I was a doubter…but researched it. Then I found out a local pastor signed up on it and is making so much $ now he doesn’t draw a salary from his church. Then I randomly ran into a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in years in a restaurant and when we got talking it turns out she too was a single parent, and started on this and is now making 5 figures a month! So…I thought, God, I think you are telling me something! So I went back to my cousin and in July I decided to do this…and in August I got my first cheque. And it is amazing. I am so thrilled. I am in charge of my own business and more importantly it is impacting my family in such a positive and healthy way. If you are interested in this (and I do believe sometimes we see things, run into people etc for a reason), then check it out. http://www.justinefinlay.bodybyvi.com

    It is the most life changing business I’ve ever been a part of. Best wishes and God bless!

  2. Vincent says:
    Great communication

    That was a solid great spiritual and touching way of communicating with God. It not only reached him but talked to me as well. The way you presented your self is a way I feel we can all learn a bit about how delivery in prayer can be so important. I prayed to God not only for you but for your families well being also. God bless , in Jesus name Amen

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