A prayer to heal me in this in dire circumstances

Dear God,

Lord I have read: ‘not my will but Your will be done’ in the scriptures. I understand that you have a plan for me. Not one of your children is forgotten.

But I am in dire circumstances now and need your help. I’ve looked everywhere for a job and my finances are slowly drying up. I’m doing all I can to be Your humble servant and pass on every ounce of Goodwill inside my soul to others. Slowly, my view of life and Your people is growing dim. From the put downs, rejections, non responses and lies, my heart feels so heavy right now. And its so hard to maintain my composure when I see those who depend on me, knowing I won’t be able to help them in the near future.

Please help me to continue Your Good work. I will not take a new job for granted. I make a covenant with You that I will strive every day to be my best. And if I face challenges, am unsure of what to do, I will act with You in mind.

Lord I need you right now, please hear my prayer. Please have mercy on me and help me secure a job.

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