A prayer to heal a broken relationship and Family

by Chantal (Cape Towm, South Africa)

Father bless this prayer in Jesus name, I pray to Thee.

Dear Lord

Please mend my broken relationship with the one I love. Take away the hurt and pain and help me and guide me to rebuild the trust , love and faith. Help me please dear Lord to mend what I have broken, so that my children can know what it feels like to have a father they never had love them and help them be all that they can be. Please mend our broken hearts and help us find our way back to each other to be once again happy and in love and the family that we are meant to be.

Please bless my family dear Lord who is going through many hard times right now. Help them have belief that all will be ok and work out for the best. My father who has been diagnosed with Cancer my Lord, who has all his faith in You, stand by him and lay Your healing hand on him Lord.

I pray to you with a heavy heart Father, as things are troubling and lay heavy on my shoulders. Please help me make things better in any and every way I can.

Thank you Father for always being there to pick me up when I have fallen, and yet again I come to Thee for help. I know that with Your Love and faith anything is possible.

In Jesus name,