a prayer to fix my broken marrige

by Rhona (Penfield Ny USA)

please for for my broken marrige to be fixed. i have been married for 6 years and have 2 babies one is 3 years and the other one is 2 months. i have no where to go with my kids yet my husband of 6 years wants nothing to do with me.

am so alone and scared, i have cried so much that i have no tears any more. i need your prayers because i just don’t know what to do any more

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  1. Please bless her

    Lord please bless this woman and her family.
    She needs your help and I pray you will help her.
    Lord, if you were going to bless me with something soon, please give my blessing to her instead.

  2. Prayer for a brokekn family

    Lord please surround this woman with peace help her find a place where she feels safe and cared for. You promise to supply all of our needs. You say in the Bible that you will be a husband to the one left behind and a father to the fatherless. Please show yourself to her in tangible ways. Show her where to find Christian fellowship and may those in the true church to give aid and Godly counselling. Help her strengthen her relationship to you God for that is where her help and strength will come from. Her husband has moved away and is in a state of rebellion. May your Holy Spirit continue to chase him down and bring him to repentance. Do not let him escape the sound of your voice in his heart calling for repentance and a return to his family. Amen

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