A Prayer to Console and Heal the World

by Nancy W (Littleton, CO)

Dear Lord,

I thank You so graciously for my life and the provisions and gifts that You have bestowed upon me and my family. I thank You for the sustenance that You continue to provide and I pray that You also, bless those who are less fortunate this day”to provide for them; to guide them and shield them from the ways of the world. I Praise Your glorious name and I worship You with my entire heart and soul. Lord Jesus, I ask You now to comfort, heal and bring peace to Your children now walking this earth–to bring peace to me, my family, my friends, to those in our country and to those throughout the world. I pray that You Lord, you know that we live in a troubled world, with many conflicts and disturbances. I ask You, Lord, to sustain Your children and bring them closer to You and to cover them with Your everlasting spirit of love, grace, mercy, healing, comfort and all provisions that are known and unknown. I ask You, Lord, to bless our families and to open our minds, hearts and spirits to the words of peace, love and forgiveness.

I ask You to move us towards conversations of reconciliation and harmony, gentleness and kindness, as well as compassion and tenderness for those whose eyes, ears and hearts have been turned away through anger, hurt, resentment or other physical or spiritual ailments that would hinder their path. I also ask You, Lord, to shift the hearts of those who lead our country and to be in the middle of any conversations between leaders of other world countries and that these leaders may acknowledge You as the Great Healer of mind, body and spirit. I thank You once again, sweet Jesus for the depth and breadth of gifts that You continue to share with us.

With this, I pray again for anyone less fortunate, those who are ill or are suffering in any way, to lift their spirits, to guide them and restore any brokenness. I pray that You put your hand in the middle of all the worlds conflicts and to bring about a true, world peace, understanding and harmony that exceeds our human understanding. With a humble heart, I ask You, Lord to seal Your childrens hearts, minds and spirits with the kiss of abundant love, so that we may seek the truth, the highest roads and the path of service towards our fellow human beings. Please cover us with a blanket of kindness, fill our cups with joy and laughter and shelter us with refreshing faith and love. Thank You for all of these things and Thank You for this opportunity to speak and live in a country that allows us these freedoms and help us to always seek the road that draws us closer to You. In Jesus precious name. AMEN.

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