A Prayer to Bring My Other Half Back to Me

Dear God,

Before I state my prayer I promise to you that if my prayer is answered that my relationship with you and my family will remain the same. I have faith that you will answer my prayers.
I pray that Joseph Anthony Baatz III will come back to me.

I forgive his mistakes and I am willing to sacrifice anything to have him back in my life. He is and always will be my other half. I truly cannot picture my life with anyone else. I pray that he realize how much I love him, how much I have done for him, and how we have been there for each other through everything rough in our lives. Although we are young, I promise to you that I will never love anybody the way I love him. I will always love him and pray that you can return him into my life one way or another.

I am trying my best to get through life without him but I am miserable. The 3 years we spent together were the best years of my life. I have faith that you will bring him back to me somehow. Until my prayers are answered, I pray that you keep Joseph Anthony Baatz III safe from any physical harm and that you may guide him in his decisions and guide him back to me.

I love you God and thank you for everything you have given me. I have faith my prayers will be answered and will pray everyday. Thank you. Amen.

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