A prayer to bring back the love of my life

by Anonymous ()

Heavenly Father, first of all I pray you forgive me for my sins and all of my wrong doing in my pervious relationship and I pray you forgive T for his wrong doings as well on his behalf. I pray you accept us both into your arms and love us enough to reconnect our two paths. I pray to you that you bring myself and my ex boyfriend back together. We ended due to arguments all because I let my deep feelings of missing him get the better of me. Something I have not yet forgiven myself for. He was my best friend and I love him so much I’ve realised how much of a big part of my life he was. I pray that he realises this too and realises that no connection he can build with anyone is as strong as ours or as meaningful. We both understood each other and know things we’d never share with anyone else. He was my support and I vowed i would always be his. Lord I put my full trust in you to guide me and my ex back so we can be together for the rest of our lives. I am terrified at this moment in time because he is speaking to somebody new and I am terrified he is slipping away for good. I need him back. Lord I know you can bring him back because you blessed me with him in the first place, and you brought us back together last year after the worst year of my life. You have blessed me with a beautiful life full of love, and I beyond grateful for all of that, my true desire at this moment in time is being reunited with my ex boyfriend. We were together on and off for two years and I hate that we are strangers and let it all go to waste now. I love you for eternity, I believe in you lord with every fibre of my being and I know you will be always and forever do right by me. Amen.

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