A prayer to alleviate problems with family members

by Jennifer (Dallas, Texas)

Oh heavenly Father, my God, my Savior, the power of all creation – please help me with my own troubled heart this early morning. I am so sad that my feelings as a mom are not what they should be.

I’ve prayed over so many years that you would intervene in my son’s life with his mental illness and enlighten him that he made need a better medication. A realization that he is ill and quite delusional and is causing me too much anguish. Please help me to discern the time I spend with him.

As you already know, it’s difficult being around him as I see the lost potential. To hear what he says is also very painful. He’s quick to judge others’, and spends his monthly allotment unwisely – for too many years now. He is troubled and now a grown man. Please help me to love him as he is and not bring him to reality as this upsets him very much.

My daughter is disrespectful and I pray for comfort. I pray dear Father, that you enlighten her to realize that she has only one mom and only one chance to know me before it’s too late. Please dear God of all, I pray for comfort and good judgement; in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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