A Prayer Request

by Guy Kochli ()

I need help in prayer to (in case possible – as constant as possible)-
⦁ Get healthy (“in the head”, stomach, breathing), totally completly (spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally).
⦁ Get closer to god.
⦁ Be with gentelness, have cure from not good people from “the” past, traumas, controls, “Nightmares” people.
⦁ Have a good church for me.
⦁ Be delievered from “addictions”, be in normal “reality”.
⦁ Sleep, eat well.
⦁ Have friends (“fitting”, good).
⦁ Life, “moovement”, being “positive”, happiness, “good” feeling, hope.
⦁ Have a (good) job (in the “body of christ” preferably).
⦁ House have seriouse cure calm down an have independence from in relationships, with family (not believe), people, getting “social calm”, be natural “free”.
⦁ Feeling secure in myself physically, socially, with familly too, in a home.
⦁ Have maturity, independence as a person, mentally pshysically.
⦁ and church.

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