A Prayer request to have money

by James (Nigeria.)

My name is James from Nigeria, age 31. I write to request for your prayers to get money to enable me solve the following problems:

1. No Job, my parents are aged and I don’t know how to provide for them.
2. I am owing the sum of N250,000, collected when I tried joining politics to be elected as ward councillor.
3. I want to start a business, but no capital.
4. I want to have a house, to marry and have a car of my own.
5. I cry always when I see people giving tithes in my Church and I don’t Participate.
And many other request!
I believe in one God, the maker of heaven and earth who is the master of all to bless me and help my lack of faith, may He teach me to believe, have faith and trust in Him, may He look beyond my sins and help me, Amen. Thank you.

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