A prayer request for unrefined miracle when it comes to getting 3A*s and getting into Southampton Uni for medicine

by Ebunoluwa (London)

Father Lord I come to you.

You are all I have.
I love you and trust i your mercy.
I trust that you will never fail me, as you have never failed me before.
I trust and believe that you didn’t send me to Olaves to suffer.
Even if others doubt you, I will never.
I will never leave your side, just as I know you would never leave mine.
You are part of me, and I of you.
I know that you are the alpha, the omega, the almighty, the worker of miracles.

Appa I need your help.
I want to thank you because I know you have already done it in my life.
So many people have tried to tell me that its not possible. Please lord, use me as a testimony so that those who look at me will know that you exist, and that you are all powerful and almighty

Lord I love you so much,
Love (x infinity) your faithful daughter Ebun <3

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