A prayer request for help from God to cure my depression

by Tony (New York)

To wish and hope that my prayer may be answered as I have tried on my own without asking God for help as I know there are many in need in this world. I am very sad and in need of help. I was abandoned by those who once loved me; I have lost all my wealth and career; I am facing a situation in life that is on the edge and it has brought much depression in my life.

I hope I can overcome this and focus on others again and not have to worry. I thank God and hope he can help as I have tried to help myself and have failed…

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  1. Help for depression

    Tony, I am truly sorry for what you are going through for I too suffer with depression. It’s not good for you and others around you. You lose all hope and you feel you can’t or don’t have anyone who understands. Their is One Person who does and He has been by your side before you even knew you were going to go thru this. Remember He never leaves us, it’s us who leaves or never seeks Him. Tony, Jesus does love you as well as me and everyone else. Call His Holy Name out loud and He will hear you. Always know Jesus is beside you every step of the way and He goes before you to prepare the way and give you rest. Take comfort in knowing His arms are wide open waiting for you. Enter and seek refuge and welcome peace. I’ll be praying with you. Please let me know how you are doing.
    Your Sister in Christ.

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