A prayer request for employment and a financial blessing

by Veronica ()

Dear Lord, I come to you with a humble heart. As you know I recently lost my job and have been struggling financial to make ends meet. Lord through your grace and mercy I was able to retain the roof over me and my kids heads. Meals are bare minimum but we do eat daily.

They say faith without works is dead, I have been applying for jobs daily, diligently searching for a job to provide what I need to survive. I was able to keep my house by borrowing money from my sister but now I must pay it back.

Father God, I know you have a plan for my life and I submit to you. I don’t ask for you to take away my trials but give me the strength I need to face them daily. I ask that if it is in your plans I am able to become employed as soon as possible.

I ask that I have the money to pay my sister back this week as to not strain our relationship. These things I ask in your name. Please continue to work on me and watch over me and my family. Amen