A prayer of victory

by Belinda (Kenya)

Hello, I would like for you to help me out in prayers since I feel down all the time and rejected. I feel like happiness was not meant for me ever since I was growing up I felt like my mother loved my sister more than she did with me, it went on but I took heart in the love that was given to me by my dad till the time he passed.

I felt lonely and till this day I feel lonely. the rejection part comes in during my adulthood, to be honest I have never had a boyfriend who stayed for a year, all the time the guy would be like they feel something but there’s always something holding them back with no explanation.

my recent relationship so happened that I met this french guy and at first I didn’t quite want him but with his determination I managed to like and little by little he won my affection to a point I traveled to Europe to see him on his account.

Now that I have fallen in love with him, he tells me that he doesn’t know how to face his parents since they know nothing about me and plus how we met it won’t make sense to them.

Please help me not to come out a victor because I don’t why a parent could not want me and yet she doesn’t know me yet and if it was meant to be let us find our way back together if not meant to be I pray that all memories should disappear because it’s so painful