A Prayer of Understanding

by Steve (West Fargo, ND USA)

Lord Jesus I pray that you fill my heart with the Holy Spirit and help me find understanding in the trial of my life.

The DUI in which I accept responsibility, the lymph node in my neck that it may not be cancerous, for the job change that looms in doubt with the dui a possible influence, for understanding why my wife reached out to another man for comfort and bringing back together in your love and most important for the loss of my son on September 24 of 2012.

Lord this has been year and a half filled with many tough roadblocks and tests of my faith. I stand true in my conviction that I accept you as my lord and savior, and that you lived and then died for my sins. I ask for forgiveness for all the sins of my life and humbly ask for a sign or a reason for why my faith has been tested so.

I ask lord that you fill my heart with your blessing and show me the way to live as you would have me live and share your love with the world. Lord, I have often felt that my life was meant for more and ask now that you show me the path that was meant for me.

I pray this in your name.


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