A prayer of unconditional love I need clarity in knowing if my love is real

I need clarity in knowing if my love is real. Been cheated on and I feel such betrayal as if I were nothing special or someone that wasn’t adored and cared for.. now this happened last year but at the moment I just wanted to forgive because he was my angel never done a thing to hurt anyone.. until then. And I feel like I took it easy on him. But now reminiscing on reality when I don’t have these emotions in the way I think clearly and realize all I’ve swept away so gentle. I could’ve prevent future, present problems. But now I have to deal with watching another women nuture his child that is not mine. Oh how it can poison the heart over time.. but like always I’ll have hope and faith that I can make the best of things and appreciate. I just ask for this clarity and strength of confidence, to know that iam who he loves and he repents and knows his wrongs. And dealt with them. And the way he deals with them is the way he feels is best . So I should have faith in him and his descions that he will make us happy. Amen

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