A Prayer of Thakns

by Ann (Uk)

A prayer of thanks

Father above all fathers YAHUAH I give you thanks and praise, for allowing me to live, for bringing joy to my soul, for keeping me safe. You have shown me mercy that I can face tomorrow your love continually satisfies my soul.

Your love is everlasting and your glory shines forever. You look down on me a sinner, you sent your son YAHUSHUA to die for me and wash away my sins how wonderful it is to know that you love me so.

Father I pray that you will continue to protect my family and me, protecting us in our going and our coming in. I pray that you will continue to provide for us I pray that we will grow nearer to you,

I pray that you will protect us from financial difficulties and from those who persecute us and try to put obstacles in our paths.

I pay that you will continue to provide shelter for us. Give us strength and courage to do your work without ceasing, give us wisdom and understanding give us truth, give us good health and bless the children who we teach and those who are willing to listen to your message.
I ask that you hear this prayer in the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH

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