a prayer of prosperity

by Sophie (South Africa Johannesburg)

I have been looking for a job for a year and a half now and I’m an experienced lady in the recruitment and HOUR industry but lately after each interview I do not get any feedback from my interviews. In the past I never. Had any problems finding a job but something has come over our family, it seems as if we have been put on pause and we not moving forward nor backwards and that has taken a toll on me . I have a beautiful baby gal who will be going to grade 1 next year and I worry constantly about getting a job so I can be able to afford to pay her fees and eventually buy myself a car and home for her as a single parent its hard. I pray that the lord open up the door for from all the companies I have been to for interviews to finally get an offer to start immediately so I can start planning a future for me and my daughter and provide a decent future for her and hopefully the lord and saviour in the process will bless with a god fearing man that will altimately become my husband.