A prayer of need and strength

i need God to clean and take away all the curses that are following my life,my husband,my children to free us and let us live our lives free for no weapons formed against us shall prosper in Jesus Name

please provide my husband with a job to take care of his family.Take care of the car that we have so that we are able to use to bring finances to our family so that we pay all depbts and be free from this bondage.i ask you Lord to bring my husband to his knees and acknowledge that LORD YOU ALONE CAN HOLD OUR BLESSINGS AND YOU ALONE CAN REALEASE OUR BLESSINGS Let him come back to worship you in truth knowing that you are the head and nothing we can do without you my God . Remind my husband of your goodnees to those who trust in you and show him your Power in Jesus Name.

i want my whole family to know you more and worship you alone.i ask all this in prayer in the name of son Jesus Christ,our savoiur,Amen.

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