A Prayer of Hope from a Depressed Person

Dear Lord, I am trying so hard to keep up hoping that things will be alright and that I wont be faced with a bad decision to make and for my daughter to succeed in getting her son back. Now that things have changed it will be much harder for her to get him back.

I am hanging on to hope and faith Lord, please do not forsake me. This is the most important things in our lives and we both need you and that you will be here for us. We need you so bad and you are the only one who can help us.

I am so depressed right now and yesterday was even worse and I did not know what I found out today. It was not what I thought it was, but, about my daughter’s problems. She and I both know she brought this all on herself as I did my problems. But, we need forgiveness and we have both learned from our bad mistakes, Lord. Please, do not allow us to go through more consciences of our mistakes. We were blinded by evil people for which one is being dealt with now and hopefully in time the other one will suffer the bad consciences of their lies and deceit.

We were just pawns in their scheme of things and we both were weak minded and stupid. Please, Lord, save us from evil of others. Protect me from the giant institution and my daughter from the evil of her son’s other relatives and the system. In your name I pray. AMEN

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