A prayer of Hope and Well being

by Prasani (Australia)

Dear Lord, jesus, Mary, My Angels and spirit Guides,please protect our family with the white light, I have just been let go of a job , I am wanting a job that creates stability, Financial stability, spiritual awareness, people who are beautiful, a non stressful environment and a job close to home. Please surround us with your health and happiness and please take away the sickness that my girls get when they are at day care.Help them to be ammune to everything and never fall sick. Please protect my father when he goes into have an operation on Friday the 27th Jan 2012 for prostate cancer.Please send my a best friend and a group of close friends I can have for life.Please help me to be more intune with my spirit guides so I can communicate with them more.Please help us win an abundance of money into our lives to help support our girls growing up. Amen

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