A Prayer of hope and protection for me and my friends and family

Dear Lord, I know you are hearing prayers from millions of people each day. You are the supreme being over all of us and can work miracles in all our lives if only we ask you in prayer. I have been praying every single day three or more times a day and even more for a miracle to happen for me.

A miracle of hope and protection for me and my friends and family. I need you especially now more than ever. I sometimes feel something is not right and I can be wrong about that sometimes and I don’t to be right about that at all. I began thinking about the worst and it is never as bad as it seems. I pray that is in my case. I have been under a whole lot of stress for the seven months and more so in the past three months especially.

It has been the worst year of my life and I need to put this all behind me. But, things have a way of creeping up from the distant past even long after we have forgotten about it. That is what scares me so much. I need guidence and strength from you, Lord. I am not as strong as I use to be to handle things anymore. Too much has happened over a period of time and it has beaten me down a lot. That is why I have come back to you and need your help so much my Lord. You are the only one who can help and save me.

I have too much to lose now and I am now at the age where I can never recover from it if it were to happen. It has caused me great pain and it has hurt me a lot. I am so depressed and worried all the time. I just want to be happy and safe. I just want to feel that everything is going to be alright. There is so much on my plate right now and I need some relief badly. You promised that you will not place anymore on us than we can handle or bare.

That is what I pray you promise me. Please do not forsake me, Lord! You are my only hope in this world and I have lived most of my life already and do not know how much time I have left. All I want is to be happy and content. That is all in the world I ask for. I never asked for more than that. I just want to be safe is all. I want to be able to retire from work and do whatever I want to do until you call me home, Lord. This world is not as good a place as it use to be. The people here are meaner and less caring of others as they use to be.

There are still a few left who are good, but, not many compared to the millions who are not. I need help Lord. I need you! Please hear my cries for help. I need a miracle and my prayers answered. I will continue in prayer with you for the rest of my life until my time comes for me to join you in Heaven. I promise to serve and worship you each Sunday. I want to make a difference in my life and for others.

I want to count for something on this old earth. Thank you for giving me each day without the problem I have worried about. You know what it is and you have protected me from the other part. The first part came as a total shock back in late Dec. and the first part of Feb.

Now,I need to put all this behind me for it has already cost me dearly. I pray you give me the rest of my life to live without anymore serious problems to face. In your name I pray. AMEN

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  1. Have Hope in the Lord

    Continue to have Hope in the Lord , for I believe He said if two or more gather together in His name , He is in the midst of them.

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