A prayer of Action

by Daughter of Christ ()

Dear Jesus, My prayer today and every day is to be the best Christian I could ever be. To be humble and kind, patient and a selfless human being. There are many people out there that are hurting every day. They could be the very people who live in your own home. There is so much I could do to make them feel more loved and more appreciated. Oh dear Jesus, Why so much hurt and resentment? Why so much bitterness and strife? Isn’t it enough that you paid the price for us all? Why should we have to go through it all again? Is it just to remind us that you exist and that we need you all the more? Oh, Lord, take this cup away from me and make the hurt and confused people forgive and let go because you called us to have peace. I claim redemption over us all. This is for all the world. I pray for understanding and reconciliation for all families, society, and all mankind. Let this be a season of love this Thanksgiving. A season to thank God that was alive and well and that we have a gift of life that is far more precious to live in bitterness. So, let the people cast there cares to You Jesus and speak volumes of your love this holiday. Amen

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