A Prayer For When You Think Life Is To Much To Bare.

by Keith A.K.A Kephus ()

Dear Lord this is Kephus i call on you because i need strength an guidedense i didnt cum up in my life doin the right thing all the time i made alot of misstakes in life an now i feel like im maken up for them now as i try to do the right thing. I have had to grow up learning things the hard way not by choice but by what was put in front of me now i no you dont put nothin on our shoulders that we cant handle but its hard lord an because of you dear Father Im not going to give up i have been out of work for two years an resently I have just found employment i have been there for a few months now an enjoy it alot but my cammute there is becoming a problem i try to give back to the ones who help get me back an forth but in there eyes its still not enough i try to exsplain that i need time an help though this struggling prosses but my words are`nt being herd an my appreciation is`nt being appreciated but i no you have my back an for that reason, again i will not give up so what i ask from you lord is to continue to give me strength an wisedom so that when i become able i can give the same strength to the one`s who just need the strength,love,support,an wisedom you instilled within me. I LOVE YOU LORD AN YOU DONT HAVE TO SAY IT BACK YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS …………….AMEN

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