A Prayer for Urban Families

by T.A.N. (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Heavenly Father I thank you for my family unit. I thank you for giving me the family that I have. Thank you for choosing us to be a family. Lord I come to the feet of your throne and ask for forgiveness for all of the foul and impure things that we have done to each other and other people. Lord cover us, we need you.

Our family has fallen apart and we need you right now. We need to feel your warmth Father. We each need to be touched, our hearts convicted and our minds renewed. Drugs, alcohol, sex, greed, gossip and hate have creeped into our home and have destroyed our morals and values. Our children and their children are now influenced by this darkness that we let in and we are now in a heavy dark cloud. Lord but I thank you for this experience, I trust in you that this will be a testimony for your glory.

That you will lift us up where we belong, in your secret place and restore us. We will be brand new through our surrender. Father, I know that you are a God of miracles, healing, peace and order. Lord I love you and I ask for you to hold my hand through this journey of reconnecting my family to you. Use me Lord, show me how, when and where. I plead the blood of your precious Son over every single one of us in our family unit, believing in complete restoration because you are not a God of confusion, but a God of crystal clarity. We receive ever single revelation you have for us and our hearts are open. We can no longer bare the pain that come with disunity. We want to honor you in everything we do.

Only you deserve the Glory! We ask all of this in the name of Jesus who gave his life for us. Resurrect us Lord, resurrect our family. Amen -The Urban Family

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