A prayer for the world people

by Rebecca (Canada)

please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that the kingdom of Heaven is here now. Christ consciousness is now overflowing into our world now in overwhelming waves of love, peace, joy, utter bliss and exctasy. All life on earth is now feeling these waves.

All people are smiling more, laughing more, more friendly, more filled with your overwhelming love, joy, peace and utter bliss. All negativity, anger, hate, fears, sickness, greed, evils, anything demonic, rudeness, disrespect, violence, diseases, viruses, pride, arrogance, sarcasm, swearing, suffering, indecencies, sensuality, stupidity, laziness, uncleanliness, ungodliness, sadness, depressions, pain, and anything which is not heavenly or divine has disappeared from our world now. All people can now hear the music of Heaven and the voice of God.

All dna is repaired. All is run in only positive syncronicity now. Earth is now the most glorious, cleanest, most peaceful heaven with the most kind, caring, gentle, humble, overly compassionate, overly considerate, overly generous people in it. Earth is becoming more and more heavenly everyday. All people are now in love with Jesus. Jesus is the hero of the world.

Jesus is the ruler of the world. Jesus is omnipresent around the world. Wonderful miracles , healings, magical things, visions of Jesus and his loving angels are happening now to all people around the world. All people are now coming to Jesus for all their needs. praying, following your commandments and repenting of their sins. The meek now inherit the earth.

Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name. Amen

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