A Prayer for the scared & lost.

by Jessica (Buffalo, NY)

Heavenly father,

I pray to you to have mercy on Steve. Please heal his mind, body & soul. Give him strength & help him through this recovery.
Lord, I understand everything happens for a reason, thank you. You have opened our eyes to see how Mighty you are. Lord we are scared. Please take away our fear, help us understand. I am thankful for all you have given me. Please take care of us.

I will not question my faith! I will believe! I will send all my worries & doubt to you. Take away my doubt and fears.
Lord, I ask you to show Steve that you love him & he will get through this. Please wrap your arms around him & heal him. Lord, please help the blood clots dissolve & let him be safe.

I pray to you to help us financially. Please help with the medical expenses. Please give Steve all the medical treatment he needs.
Jesus, wrap us in a blanket of your undying love & let us know you’re hear. We thank you & Love you God.


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