A prayer for the confused soul: Strength& Courage

by Evaughn (Fayetteville NC)

I dont know why I am feeling this way.

I cant seem to shake this dark cloud that has been looming over my head.
Is it selfish of me to say that nothing in my life is right, when every day I wake up healthy able to breath, smell, and touch my surroundings?
The last time I felt this worthless and full of pain was at the hands of a broken heart, but now this reoccurring feeling is resurfacing due to a displeasing life.
Why is that I allow myself to sulk in this slumber when I have the power to change all the negative hurtful things I feel about myself?
The answer is simple I am weak and not yet willing to change.
This is the point where I realize I must go with what I know…I slowly join my hands and bow my head and began to pray
Lord I come to you full of confusion, pain and hurt and I ask that you provide me with the steps to slowly start helping fade these things away. I know that with you in my corner I cannot fail, I know that once I instill my trust in you I will succeed. Today I ask for courage and strength to remove all undesirable things and people from my path and to have a light shone on a positive direction and outlook on life.

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  1. God Bless You

    I pray that Jesus Christ wipes away the dark cloud looming over your head and that you find rest, peace, hope, and happiness. I hope that God gives you the strength to overcome all of your troubles and stresses of everyday life, and that you live an amazing victorious life with God leading and guiding you every single day. Be strong and let your heart take courage! Psalm 31:24

    In Jesus Name I Pray,

  2. Be strong!!!

    Dear Child of God,

    Yes! Although we may never understand the way we feel, we can always turn to God and remain humble and tell Him how we feel! He always lends out a ear and hand to pick us up and get us back on our feet. Even if you are the poorest person their is always something to look forward to in this life! Just do not give up, especially in God our Father and His son Jesus Christ. I have been with a dark cloud as well but Jesus has allowed that dark cloud to vanish and I can now see clear skies. Remember things will get better, and nothing is EVER permanent except Jesus and God’s love for you!

    In Jesus Name I Pray,


    I am one of many thousands who struggle with these thoughts, yet since becoming a Christian and learning the power of prayer and just learning to speak to GOD and his Son Jesus, I am at peace. I pray for that dark cloud to be gone forever as it is a horrible place to be and many people don’t understand it, and others don’t know the struggles as I have kept them hidden in most circumstances.

    I pray for the Lord to take this burden off everyone in our world and be lifted into the grace of the Lord and be happy with what we have on earth and trust in the Lord as he will not fail us.

    do not fear the fact that you should seek medical attention, as that is why God gave these gifts to a multitude of doctors and surgeons and researchers worldwide.

    Pray in that you seek the warmth of Jesus wrapping his arms around you and speaking in your ear, but you must have an open mind to listen and know it is God’s Son guiding you and reassuring you that life is worth living and the struggles are temporary. Be strong, be courageous, and most of all BELIEVE!


  4. looking up 2 God

    My story is close 2 wht I read on d ist page…I feel dis confused,not good enuf and lonely feeling…d last tym I felt dis way was wen I was heart broken…since den iv nt quite healed…sumtymz I feel depressed…God hs bn merciful…even givin me a job recently..wc am grateful 4,but d job has lost its satisfaction too,itz lyk der r so mch pain n hurt dat happiness eludes me…iv 4given all dat hurts me..but d pain is stil der…deep down I knw I nid a man dat ll mk me 4gt d pain…but ist I nid God in mi lyf,I wan him 2 knw,dat am grateful 2 him 4 everytyn coz I knw many do nt hav half as mch as I hv…I want mi happiness 2 depend on him nt on any man…I pray 4 all soul lyk mine..n 4 God’s luv n joy 2 shine on us..amen

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