A Prayer for Strength & focus in Weightloss Journey

by Lisa (Australia)

Dear God,

I ask for your help in my weight loss journey, I ask for you to keep me mentally strong and focused til I have completed my weight goal. That I am able to keep consistency with my daily food intake and to steer away from foods that do not help or benefit me. To help me change my daily eating habits to benefit my body. That the food I put into my body help with my metabolism & help my body to function as it should. Please God I ask for you to help stop the cravings of the wrong foods. I wish to lead a fit and health life as you intended me to do. Please keep my body strong so that I am able to exercise on a daily basis.

Dear God help me with willpower in the sin of gluttony and over-indulgence. Bless me with strength & guidance.

Today I place my future, my failures, my setbacks,
all of my hopes and plans into Your hands. There alone will I find meaning and true success in my life. Through you God all things are possible.


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