A prayer for strength and stabilty

by Daughter of Christ ()

Father, I’ve been feeling really low on energy. I need your strength. Help me have enough strength tomorrow to do a good work in you. I couldn’t pray with anyone that could encourage me today. God please bi pass that and give me the blessing that I need to do a good task tomorrow for you. I’ve been cut down because they don’t want to say that they appreciate my help. God please let them treat me better in the everyday circumstance and let them realize that they are hurting me when they say we don’t really need your help. I am just as capable as the next person. I need a break. So, maybe I will take a day off tomorrow. God it’s just so humiliating that a person says that I’m glad your helping me, but I don’t really need you. I wanted to always be there for them. I wanted to be looked upon as someone that could of been relied on and responsible and now they tell me we don’t really need you. Lord, that’s not the way I want to feel when you have placed a task to do. I wanted to feel healthy when it came to doing your work. So, Lord, I’m going to take a day off tomorrow. God please let there be a replacement tomorrow. Amen.

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