A prayer for strength

by Daughter of Christ ()

Dear Jesus, Today and everyday, I want to be strong. There are some health issues that I’m facing, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Let me be strong for my family. My dad is getting up there and I don’t want to cause a heart attack. What the worst that could happen? I’ll just have to go to the hospital and get treated and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to take a pill to prepare me for death. Either way I’m coming home to You! That’s the biggest comfort that any one could ever have. I lived my life with everything I ever wanted. The only thing I messed up on was trying to be understood and cherished the way you wanted me to be cherished. I feel that people had the wrong impression of me. We all wanted to be loved on earth, but to me it was the goal to have someone that I would of been committed to for the rest of my life and having that person cherish and honor the fact that I was someone special in Christ. Well, it didn’t happen for me that way, but I know if the Lord takes me up today He would make them understand that I was about serious real compassionate love. I was the serious type eager to know if I was worth spending the rest of someone’s life together just living on the love God put inside of me. Forgive me if I didn’t go according to order with education and career. It was a dream for me to have things out of order that made it so hard. God forgive me, but does every one go by order? I would of finished my education later, because I was an old fashion Italian. Women in Italy usually were married young if they wanted to start a family. Some women did that. Well, back in America, customs are different. Some people look down upon a person if they didn’t do things in order. God forgive me. I’m sorry if I hurt the ones who had the hope in me. God restore my life so I could at least fix this and heal the broken relationships I had when it came to living for you! Amen

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