A prayer for strenght, patience and understanding, a prayer of love for y boyfriend

by Jen (Hong Kong)

I pray that God would be able to hear my prayers, i hope that He could touch my boyfriends heart that he would learn to value me more, to care and spend more time with. That He would enlighten his mind and be able to see my worth.

That God would help him show me how much he loves and proves me that he really love me.I pray for the softness of my boyfriends heart and hoping hes no more insensitive. Im praying that id be more patient with him, that i have more heart for him to give, i pray for more strenght for me that i won’t cry often whenever i feel bad, sad and set aside. I pray that whatever hurt i have here in my heart will be healed, that whatever doubt Nd fear i have here in me will be vanished. I pray that our relationship will turn better.

I only wished to be loved and be happy. I only wish for him to see my worth and would value me, love me. Am in deep pain now as i don’t know if where this would lead to, praying that he won’t let go and leave me. im asking all of you to please pray for him and me.

That id be able to have the happiness i ever wanted to have for so long with him. I pray to not always lose hope, that He would grant the desires of my heart. That id stop hurting and crying and thinking theres none hope for me for us. Please

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