A prayer for sterilizontion

by Yolanda (Silt Colorado)

Hi can you pray for me I had tube legation (cut and burn) over 5 yrs ago. at that time i didnt think of divorcing my ex husband and I didnt want anymore children with him because he was never there for me doing my pregnancy or he was irresponsible with my kids he didnt help me not at all with them or money but Iam remarried now to my new husband . Jorge is a wonderful man Amazon person that I dont have enough worlds to say how wonderful he is that he diverse to have a child and he wants children from me. I really dont want to go though surgery please pray that god will put my tubes back and heal them.

I heard so many stories that women got pregnant even there tubes are cut and burn why not mine can be healed. I want to have another baby again but this time a baby girl I really want to be pregnant and what much better with my husband who I love.

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