A Prayer for Stability

by A.P. (North Carolina)

I pray unto thee, my one true king.

The one who sent his own son for me.
I beseech thee to heed my call.
For I am afraid of the siren’s song of sin.
The world at large frightens me.
For thou have given unto me a harrowing trial.
One of which cannot be measure in miles.
My mind in sorrow, each day and night
For I fool myself with each passing day,
The sorrow, the suffering I must way lay.
Each passing hour, second and minute,
Filled not with hope, for it has been diminished.
I beseech thee oh compassionate Lord,
To shepherd me safely to a land I call home
I fear telling the world the thoughts upon my mind,
For I fear the possibilities that come with the passage of time.
Pray, oh Lord, I ask of thee, to comfort me.
I ask of you to help those like me,
Who do not know for what they see.
Each of us are given a harrowing trial,
And only you know the location, the number of miles.

So I beseech unto thee my loving Lord,
Spread wide the wings of this lost soul,
To soar the skies and be with you once more.

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