A prayer for Sam P.

by T.S. (New York)

A Prayer for Healing Pancreatic Cancer

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a solemn heart and in need of your intercession. I pray that the cancer that has come into Sam’s life soon fades into a quick remission.

I believe in your capacity for miracles, and ask for this on Sam’s behalf.

In your name I pray,


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  1. God Bless

    In Jesus Name I Pray that whoever your loved one may be that he be healed of the sickness that is cancer. I pray that Jesus fills your life with health happiness and security. That you thank God for everything He has done and put in your life and that you may be healed by the power of Jesus Christ

    In Jesus name I Pray

  2. Healing prayer for Sam

    Lord Jesus I pray for Sam I that u will give Sam’s body the strength to fight this cancer and I pray that you will heal Sam lord Jesus I pray for his family and loved ones as well lord give them strength to help Sam get through this Jesus

    Thank you Lord Jesus amen

  3. Prayer for Sam

    I pray that you intercede to heal Sam’s cancer and send this into quick remission as prayed for. He and his family turning to you are a simple gratitude to you for the life that you have given him and may he continue to have a wonderful, flourishing and long life here on Earth. It is only you Lord that can indeed do anything. May you heal your earthly child Sam, and in doing so allow him to spread your word to others.
    Thankyou Lord, Amen.

  4. Prayer for healing.

    To my fellow believers in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    In Jesus name, I claim that he protects you by his precious blood.

    In the mighty name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Heavenly Father, we proclaim Your righteousness and praise all the day long. Your faithful love endures forever and Your mercies never cease. Great is Your faithfulness. Who can compare to You? We exalt Your Holy and Righteous Name. You are the Holy One of Israel who sent Jesus, our Lord and Savior, to redeem all mankind from the curse of the law of sin and death. Lord, we thank You for watching over those persons who have been diagnosed with cancer. Thank You for Your healing power. Thank You, Lord, for declaring us overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.
    Gracious Father, Your thoughts towards us are of peace and not evil, to give us a future and a hope. We believe that it is Your will that we live free from all diseases. Lord, by the authority given to us, we declare that the infirmity of cancer with its many forms and common types – bladder, breast, colon and rectal, endometrial, leukemia, lung, melanoma, pancreatic, prostate, skin, thyroid and other types—are destroyed, in Jesus’ Name. We command the primary abnormally deformed cell to die at its root and the metastasizing cells to cease from spreading throughout the body, especially to the lungs, bones, liver and brain. We command the increased production of healthy cells to destroy renegade cells. We declare that abnormal cells will die and not enter into the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Lord, as the Body of Christ, we declare that our members who have been diagnosed with cancer will not die; but live to tell what You have done. Lord, I confess that by the stripes of Jesus, (SAM P.) is healed, redeemed, restored and set free from cancer and its symptoms. I declare that supernatural healing is flowing throughout his/her body, in Jesus Name.Amen…

  5. Healing and life abundant

    Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, through you I ask please for healing for Sam P. Bless and restore his/her body and fill his/her heart with your love and peace. I love you Lord Jesus, and pray this in your holy name. Praise you always Lord Jesus,

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