A prayer for rough times

by Michelle (Indiana)

I need prayers. My life is rocky right now. Me and my husband are going through rough times. I’ve been praying and praying but I fear God will punish me for my sins. Me and my husband are not getting along. Our marraige is going downhill. I’m a stay at home mom and wife.

My husband hates his job. They don’t treat him well and he’s out in the heat all day. He comes home angry, tired, and sweaty. He has an interview tomorrow the 27th at a great place. I have been praying its full time with benefits and that he gets it. He’s a great worker and deserves it. Please pray for us. Please pray my husband gets the new job tomorrow and that its full time. It would help with everything. Its more money so less stress on bills and he would be sao much happier. Plus he wouldn’t be in the heat as much. Please, please God hear my prayers. Please let my husband john get the job at brinks! Please let it be full time. Please God hear me.

I know I’ve sinned and I’m sorry. Sometimes the power to sin is so overwhelming I can’t help it. God, please forgive me. This can be a new start for me and John. We would be able to move, care fore our son maxx better, we both would be happier. Please God help and hear us. Please let him get the job.

Let it be full time cause he has to have full time to support us. Please help me be a better wife and mother and have more faith. Please help us and me. Please God please…

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  1. A prayer for rough times

    Lord Jesus,first i thank you for the new day which you given to me and my family and friends,i want to ask you good lord to strengthen me,even at rough time like this.I ask for intervention,so that i can over come such this time.I know you will never fail,am looking up to you in Jesus name Amen.

  2. Courage in Faith

    Dear Lord, know that I love my family and I want the very best for them. Know that I understand that things are not always smooth but regardless of this there is always a perfection in everything based on Your Divine plan. Help me to better see that plan and give us the courage to take the steps that you are directing us to. Teach me to recognize discomfort and challenge as your message to me to seek comfort in taking charge of my life. Help me to stop allowing fear to determine that I live with misery. It is through faith that our dreams are experienced, it is through my own dedication to my happiness that I live the truth of the lesson: God helps those who help themselves. Amen

  3. Lord please protect the bonds of this marriage

    Dear Lord,

    Please hear our prayers and protect the bonds of this marraige, as marriage is sacrate to you oh lord.

    Give strength that this lady will not be tempted to sin, lord she wants to change so please lord help her give her the strength to fight off the temptation and fight off the demons that are feeding off her while she is weak.

    We ask you oh lord to lessen the bruden of her husband and that he will find new employment so that they can grow in their marrige.

    Thank you lord for hearing our prayers in Jeseus name amen

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