A prayer for Robert

by Eelsa ()

My fiance was raised with very little love,and hardly no education, no self motivation. He was incarcerated at 17 and spent 7yrs in prison for the making bad decisions. He had been out on probation for a good 15 months and we have been together for that same time Robert is a very hard working man and he gave me love, respect, he even helped a lady save her burning house.

Robert would take his shirt off in freezing weather to keep anyone warm. His heart was huge. Recently Robert was given some bad news. His only nephew who is 2 was diagnosed with liver cancer. Roberto was working on and off because he was limited in who could hire him due to his background. He told me that he felt his back against the wall with his nephew ill and him not working he wanted to purchase something nice for me for Christmas. He is now back in jail and may face 30 to life in prison.

Please help me pray for the fast recovery of his nephew and that the LORD above keep him safe and can forgive him for his actions.

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