A prayer for restoring a 30 year marriage

by Tracy L (Virginia)

I would just ask if everyone to help me pray for my husband and myself so that my marriage will be restored it’s been over a year now that my marriage is trying to be destroyed where my husband thinks that I have had encounters with another man not physically though but I have not and only God knows the truth and between my husband accusing me every other day, and us losing our 17 year old son due to an accident it has been hard on us but it’s not the grieving of our son it is the devil trying to tear us apart with insecurity on my husband’s behalf it’s been really rough on me for the last 14 months with being accused it is like it is a mental thing I know God where there is more than one that comes together to pray it is great so I asked for your prayers that my husbands nine will overcome this and I will be able to continue to pray and support him as you all pray you can asked prayer for the TLJ marriage Thank you and may God bless each and everyone of you