A Prayer for Relief from Financial, Emotional Turmoil, Doubt, and Suicidal Thoughts.

by Joseph Ciolino (New York City)

Oh, Most Favored St. Jude, friend and follower of Our Lord Jesus! You have the special and honored privilege of having a highly favored place in the church and in the esteem of our Lord!

It is to You that I ask and beg for intercession on my behalf, that you add your prayers to my own, that God would grant me, through His Son Jesus, relief from the almost 20 years of constant anxiety, frustrations and and trouble, regarding money, lack, work, which Satan has helped lead to severe emotional disturbances, doubt in faith, and fleeting thoughts of suicide, a sin against God and Man.

I pray to you, Blessed St. Jude, help me in my infirmities, and cause a sea change in my life regarding money and emotional stability. I know that you through the power in the name of Jesus can do this.

I will forever trumpet your name, make your works and name known to all men, and pray unceasingly, prayers of praise and thanksgiving to You and the Almighty who rules us all.

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I pray to you.

Thank you, oh, St. Jude.

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