A Prayer for Relationship Healing

by N (Frankfort, Ky.)

I pray to God, St. Jude, the Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints… I’ve found myself frozen in an emotionally painful relationship. My intuition tells me that my fianc is being unfaithful and lying. But in my heart, I still love him and pray with all that is in me that he will be forever changed by allowing God into his heart and seeing the error of his ways.

For there is also so much good in this beautiful man. Let the demons that control him be cast out. Let God’s love and light surround him and fill all voids within him. Let him become transparent. And let the truth of his misdeeds come to light so that true healing can begin. This is the man I believed to be my soul mate. Let me not be wrong.

Guide me in my words and actions that together, he and I may become a loving family who honor God above all else. This I pray with thanksgiving for all my suffering and isolation, that it may bring me closer to the One who never fails. Amen

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