A Prayer for Reconcillitation in my Marriage

by Brynne (South Africa)

Almighty God all praise and honor belongs to you. You are the rock upon which each marriage should be build.

I have failed my wife over the years in so many ways. She opened her heart to you but you needed to change me into your image as a husband for my wife.

I have come to the realization that I needed to love my wife unconditionally as Jesus loved the church and gave his life to overcome death for us sinners on the cross.

My prayer today is to turn her heart of stone for me into the heart of flesh it once was ans that the beautiful love that once was in her heart for me starts to grow again. That she may once again turn to the Lord for her strength. She may praise and worship you Lord as she once did. That your Holy Spirit once again inhabit the inside of her.

The the destiny you have for us as a couple may it come to pass. Let us get to reconciliation where all our issues can be resolved and we once again can be the lovers we use to be. I also pray for my children that your love will carry then through this time and that they will always have a father & mother that is together and loves them.

I thank for what you have done and is going to do in our lives.


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