A prayer for protection and prosperity

by Adriana ()

I may have many enemies Lord, this is not a game!
I’m standing at a point in my life, where there has been no protection that has been administered on my behalf.
There has been many people who degraded my name.
I know You will be there to guide me, Your rod and Your staff.
Oh Lord, please forgive them for they don’t know what they’ve done!
Please don’t let me hang my head down and be ashamed forever.
Standing up for my beliefs will take more than a lie and a shun!
Father Your name is worthy to be exalted far beyond this universe.
When it comes to you I think of new revelations.
Your love is so genuine that your people spread your ways and commerce.
Believing in You should contain no explanations!
What I need from You oh Lord, is another chance to see myself in a positive light.
There is no jealousy in my bones when it comes to wanting more of Your love.
I can’t get Your promises that You have for my life out of my sight.
You are so gentle like a spiritual glowing dove.
With Your hands You created and molded me in Your likeness.
Lord, is it possible that You could help me prosper for the sake of trying to live for you more effectively?
I only ask for Your will to help me with sincere kindness.
Oh heavenly Father, change the hearts of those who don’t treat me respectively.
Please touch those close to me as well and let them know that I am innocent and need Your touch.
To be guided with gentleness just like your gentle heart.
To be treated as such.
And to learn what reprocutions are when sinning from the start.
Lord, I’ll never live against Your laws.
Can’t they tell from my faithfulness towards you?
I will never give the secular world my applause.
Did they lie about my faithfulness to you too?
God keep my family safe and sound
, because without them I wouldn’t live long.
And write about my happiness in a song.
Oh, Lord please take the curses off my life.
May the world stop killing me with there phony accusations.
It’s no wonder why Your love cuts like a knife.
Where could I hide my head in safety with all this chaos?
It’s in Your hands that I may find rest.
Without your death You could of never freed us!
Please Lord, please send me prosperity and protection so that I could live content in You!
Because without You Lord I know there wouldn’t be eternity.
My life would not be long, but lasting days that are but few.
I love You Lord, and if I could save the world with this poem I sign it with great sincerity!

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