A Prayer For Protection

by Jessica ()

I ask that you please pray for my Protection against evil people and demonic entities. I ask that you pray to remove all demonic entities from my home, myself, my surroundings, and my mind. I ask for prayers that the Lord would end my targeting as a targeting individual. Some of these things that I suffer from include gang stalking, slandering, black listing, cyber harassment and hacking, home break ins, directed energy weapon abuse, remote neural monitoring, and many more terrible things. Whether this is demonic in origin or from people, I ask for the Lord to remove it. So, I am asking for the Lord to grant a miracle. I am petitioning to the Lord to help me, because I will not be able to carry out His plan and work for me if my life continues in this manner. I will be very limited in what I will be able to accomplish in His name and I would like to do much more than I am able to right now. I pray that the Lord forgives me for my past sins, I repent completely. I see the error of all my past ways, and I have come to Him fully in deep regret and love like I never have before. I want to pray and ask the Lord for the peace and joy only he can grant. I pray for Him to surround me with His angels and with his presence, to show me signs in my every day life that he is still with me and to help me through these difficult times. I also would like to pray that he removes all fear and anxiety from me, and He makes it known that I belong to Him and I do not need to worry. I also pray that he brings good people into my life, new friends, new relationships. Amen.

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