A prayer for peace of mind

by Andrea (Washington Missouri)

Dear Lord I come to you today asking for forgiveness for my sins. I pray that you heal my daughter from her depression and sad thoughts and fill her heart with happiness and love and hope for the future I also pray for my grandmother please help her financially so she doesn’t have to struggle for the remainder years of her life.

I pray for my mother that her cancer leaves her body completely finally for the last time and doesn’t come back and you give her hope and faith and love in life as well as helping her out financially as she’s struggling to live day to day I pray for my two beautiful baby sisters that you surround them with love laughter good health faith hope and a bright future.

I pray for my aunt who is in bad health I pray that you heal her as well as my uncle Larry who is also in bad health and last but not least I pray for myself I pray that one day I find true love and can start my family like I’ve always dreamt of and that my hope and faith stay stronger than they ever have been before and that you heal me Lord and keep the melanoma skin cancer out of my body.

so I can live a long healthy life with my beautiful daughter I pray Lord as my family and I walk through the journey of life you walk beside us as we keep you in our heart and in our prayers in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit amen