A prayer for peace of mind and heart and conversion in my family and all that Satan stole from us to be restored.

by Dianne B Wright (D,S, LA)

Dear Lord,

Satan has stolen so much from us and is trying desperately to destroy. and break up my family. I work so hard for our adoration chapel at church to bring our Lord souls to visit him in the blessed sacraments. Please pray for us to be like the holy family and pray to the holy family to defend us in this battle.

Pray to take away ALL our norsisum and unbelieve away. Pray that my husband is no longer unfaithful to me and Our Lord. Pray that my sons anger and revenge toward me and Our Lord is lifted and ALL generation curses on mine and my husbands side of the family is lifted and gone and replaced with blessings and our inheritance. From this moment forward we represent the holy family and live in peace joy and love and harmonie.

We have protection from the celestial choir of angles. I plead the blood of Jesus over us and my visit with Father Vincent today. that I know what to say to get guidance from him. In Jesus’ name. AMEN!!

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