A prayer for Peace and Protection at Work

by Still Standing (Earth)

Heavenly Father –

I thank you for being my Father, my caretaker and my Lord. I thank you for your Holy Word given to provide guidance, wisdom and support. Your word says you ‘attend your ear to listen to our pleadings,’ wanting to know us and care for us. I rely on you as my only avenue of help. I ask for your mercy and your grace to be at work in my life as I strive to follow you and do your will. I pray for protection from those stirring up trouble around me. I ask for your intervention on my behalf. You are aware of every detail, both known and hidden. Please shine your righteous light on those who work their malicious deeds behind closed doors. I pray you will bring discord to my enemies, confusing their plans to do harm, sow strife and assassinate character. I ask for your help to continue to walk in faith, to not become weary in well-doing. May I be a true reflection of your Son and not bring dishonor or shame to your name. All this I ask in Jesus Name. Amen

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