A prayer for our hard times….

Dear Our Almighty Father,

I come to you right now with a full and heavy heart. My husband and I wo like for you to guide us through these hard times we are experiencing at the moment. It seems as if lately, everything and everyone is against us. Yet we seek you, because with you, through you and by you all things are possible. We can relate to that and much more. We just have been experiencing a lot lately, and it has us down. We’ve been on a rocky roller coaster, because of how we’re feeling at that moment. Haven’t really been talking to one another like we should. Even, showing each other how much we care. No matter what though, we’ll stand strong through you, through it all. We promise not to let our marriage just fall off in the rocks. My husband has been receiving a lot of negativity at work, not matter how much he goes above and beyond just to make sure he helps his boss, supervisor and co-workers less stressful because of the heavy workload they sometimes encounter. I’ve been getting a lot of backlash at work also. Sometimes it’s not direct towards me, yet I know how I feel when I think I’m the topic or reason for people acting as they do. I try my best to just give it to you and let go. I hope you can direct my husband and i to how and where we really need to be, Lord God. We are a work in progress, and you if anybody know us both inside and out. Help us to prosper and continue to be appreciative of how far we’ve came and push us to go further! Help us to pray for other people that are in need of prayers, even if they feel like they don’t need one. And not last but least, we really want to THANK YOU for all that you do and still continue to do.!!!!! In Jesus name we pray, AMEN!!!!!!!!

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