A Prayer for our Divine Marriage

(South Africa)

Dear Lord, I’m coming to You yet again. You said in Your word that its better to walk together than alone. I pray for strengthening of my relationship with Louis, a very special man You placed in my life. Lord Louis is keeping me on a distance as he is afraid to get hurt again and therefore he don’t want to get involved in a relationship or marriage relationship. Please touch his heart with your divine finger, take away all the pain and hurt in his heart, soul and body.

Fill every space abundantly with Your blood, love, joy, patience, and understanding. Lord I was married before but as you know I really hate divorce but I want to be married again and walking under Your wings as I do believe in Love, Marriage Love. Louis was never married before, however Lord I know that with the power of prayer he will realize the great things that can be accomplished in our growing relationship.

Lord I can plant, I can water but it is neither I nor friends that can give growth; it is only You that give Life and Growth. Please guide Louis and his love to me again; Love which You know has already start to grow but it has got scars along because of the words (like women is difficult, women is troubles, etc.), actions (the way ladies are treating their men); and opinions of the world (better to be on your own, you will have no worries, once bitten second time then youre a fool, without a lady you can do what you want you can go wherever you want to go and nobody will nagging you, etc.).

Please cover every scar, wrong words and opinions with your blood that Louis can look past that Lord, that he will see only You and me and our Love together. Thank you Lord that You have helped me to stay pure while I was waiting for Louis, Lord please grant me the grace to receive him, to treat him in the way You are treating me.

Thank you Lord for all internet friends and prayer partners that will pray with me and who is willing to stand in the gab for me and Louis; and Lord please kindly bless these internet prayer partners abundantly.